What's it all about? 

It's all about the community and people coming together with a common interest and a love for riding bikes in the great outdoors. But if you're an organizer of a club or community it's not always easy to find the time and the money to make things hum the way you'd like. A lot of effort goes into running a community dedicated to riding bikes and bringing people together. Often, raising funds to support it's success is the hardest part. 

That's why DSEND is on a mission to help raise funds through buying items you would normally for your bike while we share in the proceeds with you with a portion of the sale. Whether it's clubs, trail builders, event organizers, charities or basically any organization that's related to mountain biking, DSEND can support it.   


How does it work? 

In 2 ways - 

1. If you're making purchases on our site, you can choose which organization you would like to allocate the proceeds to and we'll forward it on. If they aren't already registered don't worry, they can sign up below and we'll allocate it afterwards once they are setup. 

2. We work with the organizers and run what we call a Club Campaign which means we coordinate a promotion period where your club members get a discount on DSEND products and the club also gets a healthy portion of the proceeds.

It's that simple. Riders get what they need for their bikes and the organization raises funds at the same time. Win Win


How do you get started? 

Enter your details using the form below and we'll get in contact with you and will provide all the information and next steps on getting started. If you know of any other organizations looking to raise funds, please help us spread the word.