DIAMONDFLEX™ Frame Protection (Clear)

Sale priceHK$227.00

DIAMONDFLEX™ is revolutionary mountain bike frame protection that shields your bike frame from daily wear and tear providing peace of mind for all-day riding. Battle tested and rider approved it's high strength with easy installation but doesn't leave any nasty residue. Universal fit for any bike to guard against a variety of potential damage. Grab yours today and protect your ride. Product details below. 

Included in the pack

13 pre-cut pieces in total that cover high impact, high wear areas of your bike. 

Top Tube (1), Down tube (1), Chain stay (1*), Seat stays (2), Seat post (1), Cable rub hot spots (2), Spare / Extender pieces (3). 

(*Most bikes come with Chain stay protection already. If not, we suggest to use the Seat Post protection on the lower Chain stay. It will be subject to way more punishment and DIAMONDFLEX™ can handle it).


Perfect combination of strength vs flex to wrap in tight places but still give full protection. 

Non-abrasive adhesive that sticks on super tight but can be easily removed if required.

Non-yellowing material that lasts and won't peel up. 

Transparent and subtle look. 

100% DIY Installation

Super simple, quick application of frame protection you can do at home (or your local bike shop if they stock DSEND Products).

Forgiving material with premium adhesive so it sticks and stays.

No wet mess, lengthy installation process.


Every purchase gives back with our #GoBigGiveBack program.

We donate a portion of proceeds from every purchase to local mountain bike related clubs, communities, charities etc. So if you are a member of a club or bike related group and are looking to raise funds, head to our Community page and you can work with us to raise funds.

Note. You can still buy any product now and we'll allocate the funds later if your club is not registered yet.


You can extend your mountain bike frame protection warranty for life so you'll neve need to worry.

Upon purchase we'll send you a link to register for lifetime waranty.


Malik A.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Feeling more confident when bashing through rough trails knowing my frame is protected.

John S.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Looking for a while and came across you guys. Simple to install and looks subtle on my SB130.

Joshua A.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Easy fit. No lifting on the side so far. Seems strong. Easy to apply on curves.

Mark M.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Covers major areas from rocks and sticks.

Pat O.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Installed on Bronson. Seems fine.

Merideth K.

Frame Protection [DIAMONFLEX™]

I put both extensions on the bottom as this is where most damage happens on my frame. Easy to put on.

Mike L.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

I thought frame protectoin was overpriced for what looks like stickers but this stuff is next level.

Ankit D.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Got a set for my partners bike. Thanks!

Terrance W.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

A friend told me to get frame protection cos I wreck my bike all the time. Was easy to install and I like the look now.

Maurice F.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Where I ride my down tube gets hit often. Feeling a bit more confident now that I have some protection there.

Craig L.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Less material than I expected but it covers the major areas I needed. Good price.

Angus M.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Works fine. Easy to get on. It's thicker than expected.

Aaron L.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

It's thick and strong. Not a lot of material.

Victor. N.

Frame Protection [DIAMONDFLEX™]

Shipping was delayed but arrived ok with no issues. Easy to apply. Pivot 429.

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