DSEND Fork Protection Installation Instructions

Install our DSEND Fork Protection today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're protected against rocks, trail debris, shuttling, storage, and day to day usage. Our fender is designed with a Universal Fit, so it's suitable for all fork sizes and can be installed in just a few minutes using the included cable ties. Follow these simple steps to install the fender/mudguard:

What you need to start:

  • Rubbing / Isopropyl alcohol 70%+ or alcohol wipes to clean the surface thoroughly and ensure proper adhesion
  • Lint-free cloth to remove any dust or dirt from the surface
  • Hair dryer or heat gun to activate the adhesive and help the fender conform to the fork
  • Optional: Squeegee card or credit card to work out any bubbles or tight sections, or just use your fingers

Instructions (Read all first): 🔧

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly, particularly your fingertips, to ensure a clean installation. Finger grease can interfere with the adhesive.

  2. Thoroughly clean the section of your mountain bike fork where you want to place the fender using rubbing alcohol and the lint-free cloth. Make sure to remove any dust or dirt to ensure maximum adhesion. Clean twice even if your forks are new.

  3. Peel back the protective layer of the fender and align the middle end-to-end with your eye as straight as possible. The cut-out should be next to the axle.

  4. Carefully stick down just the middle of the fender end-to-end, making sure it's lined up straight. If you move it a lot after it's stuck, you may stretch it.

  5. With the middle line stuck down, grab your hair dryer or heat gun and heat up one side. Go slowly back and forth 2-3 times with the heat and keep around 3-5 inches (7-12cm) away from the fender.

  6. Once you've applied some heat, start working your way from the center outwards to the edge, slowly pushing it down as you go.

  7. Repeat the process on the other side, going slow and putting pressure on all places to ensure it's firmly stuck down, particularly on the edges.

  8. 5 to 10 minutes after you've placed the fender on the bike, go back and make sure it's all stuck properly. Some parts may need more heat applied. Leave for a few hours before riding. Then you're done!

Totally messed up one of the pieces? Don't worry, we've got you covered. It's nearly impossible to get these things perfect, but you can always purchase individual pieces if you totally cased it. Just contact us on our site and we'll give you a fat discount.

Pro Tips - Dust and dirt = bad - This is the most common cause a piece won't stick properly. Make sure each section is super clean.

To Remove - Using a heat gun or hair dryer, apply some gentle heat along the fender and start to peel away from one end. We use premium 3M® adhesive, so you should not have any issues getting it off and not leaving any nasty residue behind.

By following these simple instructions, you can easily install our mountain bike fender and enjoy clean and dry rides on any terrain. Order our mountain bike fender today and keep your bike protected from mud and dirt.