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Community/Club Fund Raising

How do I raise funds for my mountain bike organization (Club/Community)? 

There 2 main ways that DSEND helps clubs raise money but both of them start with Registering your Organization on our Community page.

After it's registered - 

  1. If you make a purchase on this site you can choose your organization and we'll donate a portion of the sales to it. The portion (%) amount is different depending on club size. Don't worry if you're club isn't already registered, we can allocate the funds afterwards. 
  2. We run a Club Campaign with your organization which is a set time period where any purchases on this site will earn your club great rewards.   

My organization is not listed

Don't worry, you can Register here first then we can allocate it later based on your invoice number. 


Is my organization eligible?

We'll work with almost any mountain bike related organization with a few key criteria. Register on our Community page and we'll connect with you with all the details to get you started.  



What's your warranty period?

Depending on your product, it's between 1 and 5 years. Please refer to below for overview or in each product it's shown on packaging and instructions. Any questions please send us a message on our Contact us page. We want to make sure you're purchasing a quality product with confidence in our after sales support. We got you covered.

Frame Protection - 5 Years warranty on material cracking or yellowing. 

DIAMONDFLEX™ Frame Protection - 2 Years warranty on material cracking or yellowing. Upgrade to Lifetime Warranty post purchase!

Fork Protection5 Years warranty on material cracking or yellowing.

Fender / Mudguard - 2 Year Warranty on any cracking or material failure.

Brake Lever Wraps - 1 Year Warranty on any splitting or cracking from general abuse. 



What is your return policy?

We want to make sure you're happy with your purchase and not have to worry if you need to return it so we have 60 Days Returns on all products. 

Returns must be in new and unused condition with the original packaging and you will need to provide proof of original purchase.

The customer is responsible for shipping the returned item back to us and we recommend to use a tracking shipping option so you can track it. 

Go to our Contact us page and we'll get the process started for you and make it as easy as possible. 


Ask a question directly 

Head to our Contact us page and leave us a message and we'll come back to you shortly. We try to cover frequently asked questions in our FAQ sections on relevant each page.